About Thread Doctor

After coming from the agricultural plant industry always doing our own thread repairs it became apparent that there was a need for this kind of work in the car industry. When my wife and I moved to Yateley 16 years ago we formed Thread Doctor Services and the company has grown into what we have today. Although mainly working for the car industry we do work in other industries solving a number of thread repairs in the boat industry as well as individual equipment such as lawn mowers, golf buggies etc.

"For us here at Autodan Ltd, there is absolutely no one that even comes close to Thread Doctors skill, professionalism and knowledge when it comes to sorting out problems with modern motor vehicles."

Danial Maines

We are proud to contribute against our carbon footprint. Thanks to Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency fitted with dual batteries and good split charge system not only does our 'V' 6 common rail diesel return 30-35 mpg but also via an inverter we generate our own compressed air, 240 electric, 110V electric and 12 volt to charge all our hand tools whilst driving between jobs. This makes us a totally self sufficient and fully equipped mobile workshop.

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