Mobile Thread Repairs

We can repair the following types of threads

Metric Fine, Medium and Coarse, UNC, UNF, BSC, BA, BSP, BSW, BSF, NPT, JIC, 8TP1VN, Cycle, it is also possible to repair some left hand threads. We carry an extensive range of threaded rivets and stampserts.

Given a certain problem with restricted access I would need a line of sight with the manifolds, covers, pipes and hoses etc removed and between 6 - 10 inches clear above so that I can get a drill into position to deal with it. With these guidelines I can normally drill out and recoil repair most situations.

"Perryn is excellent at what he does, and has saved our business thousands. He is quick to attend when booked, and most importantly well priced. We were lucky to find Perryn, and due to regular use treat him like one of the "Anchor Vans Family"."

Greg Joyce

If a thread has been previously repaired, as long as there is enough material around the problem area, it can be solved using keyserts and sleeves to get the thread to its original specification. Ie. Pulled helecoils, overdrilled holes, worn bolt holes and slots, oval holes etc.

Thread repairs can be carried out in various materials including most alloys, cast iron, ferrous metals, fiberglass, plastics and aluminum.

We use Recoil products for our thread repairs as they are made to a very high specification and we have very few problems with them over the years. We stock a wide range of their products in our van.

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