Thread Repair Services


Totally refurbish to a high standard, stripped and damaged female screw threads to their original form.

Broken Studs and Bolts

Professional and satisfactory removal of any broken off studs and bolts in situ as requested (reasonable access required). All damaged threads restored to their original specification.

Glow Plugs

Broken off glow plugs can be removed in situ from most modern diesel engines as long as reasonable access is obtained and any manifold covers, pipes etc are removed prior to our visit.

Locking Wheel Nuts/Bolts

Most types of locking wheel nuts/bolts can be removed without causing any damage to alloy wheels.

Taps, Easy Outs

Spark erode any broken off taps - easy outs - drill bits in pieces of work if necessary.

Common Rail Injectors

Seized common rail injectors can be hydraulically or mechanically pulled, most in situ, without causing any damage to injectors or cylinder heads on Mercedes Benz, BMW, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Kia, Honda etc. Note: injectors have to be dismantled to be pulled so need servicing before re-installation (some injectors , unfortunately break off and we cannot be held responsible for this)

Common rail injector seats can be re-faced in alloy heads in situ as requested.

Seized stubborn injector copper washers removed without damage to face or sleeve.

Digital Camera

We have a digital camera (Borascope) that can go down a 4mm hole and look around and film video and stills inside components in colour with zoom lens ST card to load on your computer

"We at CFT Partnership are proud to be associated with Thread Doctor Services.

For the past ten years Perryn has been providing a prompt and very professional service. He Never fails to amaze me with what he can do, "removing broken glow plugs or siezed injectors".

Many thanks keep it up Perryn."

Bill from CFT

Thread Repair Thread Repair Thread Repair Thread Repair Thread Repair Thread Repair Thread Repair
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